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NEW: Hi-Tech Pest Pros is Offering
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Hi-Tech Hoodmasters takes pride in being one of the premiere hood cleaning companies in Houston and surrounding counties. 

Whether you’re new to the restaurant business or a seasoned restauranteur, you know the importance of cleaning your hood exhaust systems regularly. HI-TECH is dedicated to performing the highest quality service and providing your establishment with a thorough clean, using the most advanced equipment and top of the line desgreasers. Avoid smoke in the kitchen, possible grease fires, and unnecessary fines. Leave it to Hi-Tech Hood Masters to provide the routine hood cleanings and other services needed to operate your business safely and efficiently. 

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Cleaning Hoods Since 2010

HI-TECH is certified by the National Hood Cleaning Association and trained using the NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations Verification. Our certification can be seen by visiting www.firemancertified.com and entering our CERTIFICATE NUMBER 10569468.

Avoid unnecessary expenses and fines with a well maintained exhaust system. Grease will accumulate rapidly in your duct-work, vents, fans, motors and rooftop, damaging electrical and surface areas. According to the most recent report produced by FEMA, an estimated 5,900 restaurant building fires are reported to the U.S. fire departments each year and cause an estimated average of 75 injuries and $172 million in property loss. Grease fires often begin in the kitchen, travel through the hood exhaust system, ducts and onto the roof. Accumulated grease in ducts and ventilation systems, will act as an accelerant and burn uncontrollably, causing thousands of dollars in repairs and loss of business.  

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Message from the Owner

"As the owner of HI-TECH Pest Pros and Hi-Tech Hood Masters, we are personally involved in our operations and would like to take a moment to thank you personally for your consideration in putting your trust into our company. We are committed to perfecting the process of our services, products and customer service. Our team is continuously updating and providing the latest information and products to give you the best results. Service is not a new concept, its been forgotten by some, but not by us. We look forward to serving you in the years to come.
Sincerely,The Hi-Tech Team" 


Hi-Tech Pest Pros is standing by to take care of your sanitation needs. It would be very difficult and costly to sanitize every surface that your customers and employees are going to come into contact with from door handles, counter tops, booths, chairs, etc. Not even gloves can stop the transfer, since the virus can be transmitted from the gloves to another surface to a human. No one can guarantee a germ- free environment, but there certainly are preventative measures that can be taken to help prevent the spread of such a contagious virus, giving your customers and staff the peace of mind to know that your facility has taken the extra steps to ensure their safety. 

Hi-Tech Pest Pros offers a monthly service that includes an initial clean and sanitize of the entire facility, followed by an application of an anti-microbial, which leaves behind a residual that continues to help fight corona viruses (including Covid 19) for up to thirty (30) days. This type of application, with a lasting residual, is really the best way to provide an extra layer of barrier between your patrons, staff and the virus. The investment also helps to prevent a future shut- down, due to an outbreak at your establishment. 

Hi-Tech Pest Pros is pleased to offer this service at an extremely discounted rate as compared to our competitors.

Service Includes:

Initial clean, sanitize and first application of the anti-microbial, applied with an actisol, as to provide a nice heavy layer of chemical - $1,500.00 up to 3,000 square feet.

Monthly service – sanitize heavy traffic areas and apply a thick layer of an anti-microbial – .35 cents per square foot. We follow up with a sticker left behind, stating that this facility has been sanitized and treated with an anti-microbial, leaving behind an active residue that continues to help fight the spread of corona viruses for up to 30 days.

Please call to set up service or if you have any questions. We look forward to servicing your facility. Hi-Tech Pest Pros is here to help our community stay as safe as possible, and we take pride in the professionalism and customer service that we have been providing to Houston and surrounding areas for over thirty years.


Hi-Tech Management

Included In Hood Cleaning Service:

 Cleaning the Outside Hoods
and Inside the Stacks

"Before" and "After" Pictures
for Each Service


Additional Services Offered:


Drain Jetting

Grease Containment Installation

Hinge Kit Installation

Power washing
(Building, Parking Area, Drive Thru, Sidewalks, Dumpster Areas)
Changing of Fan Belts
 Grease fittings
Installation of Duct Access Panels
Installation of exhaust fan Access Panels/clean-out ports

We Know Professionalism

Keep your restaurant up to code by turning to Hi-Tech Hood Masters for proper hood cleanings, drain jetting, grease containment installations, and more. 

Our technicians go through intensive training and on-going quality control to ensure that our customers receive top notch service. HI-TECH also is fully insured and provides workers' compensation to its employees, helping to protect all parties involved.

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